Maxmux Solutions offers all the essentials you're looking for in a lightweight package

Our consulting engagement brings vast experience into your business advising on the status of your IT infrastructure and proposing solutions to increase your business operational efficiencies and overall business growth.
Computer Repair

If you need your laptop or PC repaired, whether it is a current model or out of production model, we are here to help you. We repair out of warranty laptops or PCs from virtually every manufacturer in and out of business.


Maintenance includes cleaning, replacement of filters and fans as needed, BIOS, firmware and driver updates, reliability updates and a complete functional system test.With the on-site maintenance service, maintenance of your system will be conducted at your site. It also reduces downtime and eliminates the hassle of shipping the system.

System upgrade solutions

Keep your measurement equipment on the cutting edge of technology with a system upgrade. Will upgrade the computer components and configure the system. Regular system upgrades will increase the lifetime of your system and maintain the value of your investment.