You Will Soon Need To Register With CA To Be A Facebook or Whatsapp Admin

A new Bill set to be introduced by Malava MP – Malulu Injendi could require all Facebook and WhatsApp group administrators to be registered with the Communication Authority (CA).
The latest proposition aims in tightening rules surrounding social media use in the country. Before opening a social media group, administrators will be required to inform CA the principal intentions of the group. Additionally, one must have a physical address and a list of all of the group members to establish a group.
According to the Bill, group administrators who will allow offending content on their social media platforms will be prosecuted and jailed.

If the Bill will sail through parliament to become law, the Communications Authority will have to come up with ways to monitor WhatsApp groups and Facebook in what is likely to infringe on people’s right to communicate.

WhatsApp group admins will have to be strict with their members and kick out those who will have opinions that do not go in line with the law.

The owner of the media platform will also be required to ensure that all its users are of appropriate age.

This locks out minors from joining or posting comments on social media platforms controlled by adults.
Facebook allows a user to censor content they deem undesirable before the post becomes public.

The Bill also seeks to regulate bloggers who it defines as “online publishing and discussion, media sharing, blogging, social networking, document and data sharing repositories, social media applications, social bookmarking and widgets.”

According to the Bill, those who will be found running blogs without a license from the Communications Authority (CA) will be jailed to up to 2 years or pay a fine of up to 500,000 shillings.

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